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Football Manager 2013, Football Manager 2013 Tactics & Training, 4-3-3 offensive tripple

Tactic is based on my own experience, but i want to said that many people helped me to do this perfectly. This is 4-3-3 with no wingers (i like that style). Very, very offensive trio on the front. More info and screenshots:

Won Premier League in first and second season. Won Champions League in first season(Barcelona 3-0) and second season (Paris SG)(sic!). And of course less important trophies.


4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-barcelona-man-utd_-p-yta-boiska-podzielony.png4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-man-utd-paris-saint-germain_-p-yta-boiska-podzielony.png4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-arsenal-man-utd_-p-yta-boiska-podzielony.png4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-chelsea-man-utd_-p-yta-boiska-podzielony.png4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-man-utd-fc-bayern_-p-yta-boiska-podzielony.png4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-man-utd-liverpool_-p-yta-boiska-podzielony.png4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-man-utd-r.-madrid_-p-yta-boiska-podzielony.png4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-man-utd-tottenham_-p-yta-boiska-podzielony.png4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-man-utd-valencia_-p-yta-boiska-podzielony.png4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-man-utd-west-ham_-p-yta-boiska-podzielony.png4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-man-utd-wolves_-p-yta-boiska-podzielony.png4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-olympique-lyonnais-man-utd_-p-yta-boiska-podzielony.png4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-southampton-man-utd_-p-yta-boiska-podzielony.png4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-tottenham-man-utd_-p-yta-boiska-podzielony.png

Look at matches against Manchester City. I won EVERY SINGLE GAME:

4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-man-city-man-utd_-p-yta-boiska-podzielony.png4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-man-utd-man-city_-p-yta-boiska-podzielony.png4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-man-utd-man-city_-p-yta-boiska-podzielony-2.png4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-man-utd-man-city_-p-yta-boiska-podzielony-3.png4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-man-utd-man-city_-p-yta-boiska-podzielony-4.png

Key players:

4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-angelo-henr-quez_-widok-og-lny-atrybuty.png4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-david-alaba_-widok-og-lny-atrybuty.png4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-edinson-cavani_-widok-og-lny-atrybuty.png4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-f-bio_-widok-og-lny-atrybuty.png4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-gareth-bale_-widok-og-lny-atrybuty.png4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-j-dson_-widok-og-lny-atrybuty.png4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-rafael_-widok-og-lny-atrybuty.png4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-wayne-rooney_-widok-og-lny-atrybuty.png

League Table:

4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-tabela-2012.2013.png4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-tabela-2013.2014.png


4-3-3 offensive tripple by ramoss4-taktyka.png

As you can see theres a very attacking full backs (Fabio, Rafael, Alaba and sometimes better in defensive Smalling). Full backs support midfielders in ball movement:

amazing pass by Alaba and fantastic shot by Rooney (better look in HD):

Central defenders are tall and pacey, but not too much (Vidic acceleration is 11, but pace are 13; Varane 11/14), coz the defend line is push up. Theres is one DM and he must be strenght(15+) and pacey(14+). Jadson dictates tempo of play. Fellaini is better in defend, but he knows how play up front. Center striker is target man (Cavani). Rooney and Bale is much creativity and need to be pacey of course (i rotate Cavani with Rooney and Henriquez). Tackling are aggresive (so you can expect some red cards in first matches). But don't worry. Players are playing aggresive pressing on opposition. Team makes many chances to score the goal.

Players and attributes:

GK: reflexes, one on ones, positioning, concentration, decisions (De Gea, Ter-Stegen, Jefferson)
WB's: marking, tackling, work rate, acceleration, pace, crossing, anticipation, positioning, decisions; passing and creativity are big + (Fabio, Rafael, Alaba, Azpilicueta, Montoya, Siqueira, Armero)
CB's: marking, tackling, heading, decisions, concentration, anticipation, positioning, pace, strenght; acceleration and agility are big + (Vidic, Varane, Hummels, Evans, Smalling)
DM: strenght, tackling, marking (min. 11), anticipation, work rate, pace, acceleration, positioning, stamina, teamwork, heading; agility, passing and creativity are big + (Jones, Obi Mikel, Sandro, Fellaini, Fletcher)
CM(left): passing, creativity, tackling, strenght, work rate, anticipation, technique, first touch; positioning, agility, heading are big + (Fellaini, Carrick, Fletcher, Powell, Cabaye, Romulo, Witsel)
CM(right - playmaker): passing, creativity, first touch, decisions, flair, teamwork, agility, technique; work rate, dribbling, off the ball are big + (Jadson, Willian, Pjanic, Isco)
ST(left and right): passing, creativity, off the ball, flair, pace, acceleration, agility, composure, finishing; crossing, first touch, dribbling are big + (Bale, Nani, Rossi, Benzema, Vela)
ST(center - target man): finishing, composure, off the ball, first touch, pace, acceleration, agility, decisions; creativity and passing are big + (Cavani, Falcao, Demba Cisse, Higuain, Papiss Cisse, Messi, Javier Hernandez)

Pitch Size: i prefer maximum, but you can used whatever you like
OI: let assistant do that or just leave it
match prep.: during the tactic is full (just tactic on 40 or 30%), when tactic is full learned (minimum 30% on attacking movement).

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