FM15 Transfers & Data Update Packs - Football Manager 2015 Transfer Updates and Custom Leagues

This update contains over 33.995 changes from the 1st of October until the 1st of February 2015 that happened after the 15.1 database lockdown. Inside the .rar file you can find all texts that contain the database changes, plus the instructions text on how to install correctly the files in your game.

Instructions text , can be found at the end of the post also.

Transfers Update :
1. Player/Manager/Staff transfers from all around the world from the very best leagues to the small ones. Also passed away players/staff are removed from database.
2. Contracts/Numbers/Height/Weight/Nationality changes.
3. Added favorite clubs, staffs etc.

General Changes :
1. Added new people - chairmen/players/managers/staff.
2. Affiliations between teams.
3. Corrected captains.
4. New stadiums.

Wonderkids :
1. New young players created ,who will become world class players in the future ( wonderkids ).
2. In some cases adjusted CA/PA abilities of players under 21,that already exist in the game.

Current Ability / Potential Ability Changes :
1. Adjusted stats and current ability attributes.
2. Adjusted potential ability attributes.

Agents :
1. Agents created, with specific attributes and clients, to add more realism to the game.

Extract the files to : C:\Users\user\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\editor data. If editor data folder is not there, create one with this name only. Other names will not recognize the files inside the game. Then New Career Game. It opens a window where you have to choose the database. Search for the Editor Data Files option,then Custom and Edit. It will take you to a new screen where you have to choose my files. .Confirm and make a new game.

Q: Can we play this update without the CA/PA changes ?
A: Yes , the CA/PA file will be a new file beside the others. If you dont want this file , simply dont choose it when you start a new game.

The pack is also including the India Hero Super League + Cyprus Divisions 1st & 2nd !! To enable them click on each nation , and for IHSL, simply check the "3rd division" you will find in India's nation.

Patch 15.1
 FM15 Transfers & Data Update Pack 1.3 (by _pr0)

Football Manager 2015 Transfer Updates and Custom Leagues - LFCMarshall FM15 Update

Welcome to LFCMarshall's FM15 Summer Update.. this update contains all changes to make the game as realistic and up to date as possible. You can suggest anything to try and improve the game, these may include:

- Managerial changes
- Summer transfers missed/ up to date free signings
- Promotions / Relegations ( at the end of the seasons)
- Position finishes ( at the end of the seasons)
- Cup winners
- European coefficiants altered
- Contract changes
- Loans
- Edited CA/PA
- New owners
- Edited budgets
- amongst others updates
- Obviously a few of these will be completed at the end of the season, but above is just what is going to be included once the file is finished next year

- Also this year the update WILL include wonderkids added to the game that are not currently old enough to be added to the official database

Release dates:

- Tuesday 3rd February 5:00PM OUT NOW


- Download and extract the file using a program like winrar or unarchiever
- Extract the file to: Documents/ sports interactive/ fm15/ editor data
- If there is no editor data folder, simply create one inside the FM15 folder

- Once in game, select new game and bottom right is a box to choose All, None or Custom.... Custom allows you to choose one file, All selects all in the editor data folder so choose accordingly IF there are any folders that download with the file, delete everything and just keep the LFCMarshall update file, its all you need

Video: Football Manager 2013 | How to install editor data (LFC Marshall update) - YouTube

Relates to FM13, but very similar and gives you a basic understanding

Download link:

Football Manager 2015 Tactics El Diablo - Total Destruction Plug and play, No OI 5-2-3 Won every title




Tactic won’t work !!!!!!!
if u don’t have one who got preferred move

( posseses long flat throw )
Long throw +15
DM ( Regista ) need to have preferred move
( shoots from distance )
Long shots +15

Remember u can train prefered move ( like shoots from distance ) just need long shot skill +15

Quick help finding right players. and what to search.

Here are the most impotant things about the tactic.

Team speak are very important.!!!
If u don’t know how to do it.
Read forum a lot of guides to it.

ALL matches I encourage ( passionly ) every 15 min.

Corner setup
LB ( right corner )
RB ( left corner )

Very important..
U need to buy a player ( no midfield ) with
Prefered move
Posseses long flat throw
Long throw skill +15
(He throws all throwins ofc )!!!!

All defenders stay back - the one throwing comes short

Midfield !!!
Is the most important in this tactic so for it to work u got to do these things for it to work.

64 Goals from midfield.

First Regista ( DM )
Need preferred move
Shoots from distance
Long shots +15 ( minimum )
And good passing skill and good defensive skills.

Central midfield ( CM )
His the team most important player. He wins matches.
Passing +15
Long shot +15
Vision, first touch, technique,+14
prefered move :shoots from distance will provide ALOT extra goals.. u can just train prefered move.

Good players to buy

Hi, alot of ppl ask for what players to buy..
It's really hard since all clubs don't have same budget..
So here is my tranferlist .. depending on budget i try get as many players from list as possible.
Central Defenders : Rädoi (1m - from Al-Ahli), Tomas Sivok(1.2m - Besiktas)
Indriöi Sigurösson(69k - Viking)
Longthrows : defenders Marc Bertran free, Oguchi Onyewu free (backup)
Midfielders with prefered move - shoots from distance.
Markos Senna (9.5k New York Cosmos ) Andrea Lazzari (500k - Fiorentina - MUST BUY !!!!!)

Filter help mediafire link
Bonus info

Match preparation : TEAMWORK (testing beta with Att.Mov)

General training i let my Assistant do.

I run match training ( match preparation ) set to: Teamwork
And invidual training I train each player HEAVY for their role.
Like Gonzalo Higuain ( Poacher ) HEAVY

DOWNLOAD mediafire link

beta v5 - only change is : ATT. MOVEMENT - so use guide as v1
Result so far with beta

First lets meet the players of FMers!!

If anyone has any sort of request just tell me i will try my best to complete it.

Looking at our players we have a lot of MCs and AMCs so i m planning to play a 41212 narrow, a 4132 narrow, and a 4-2-3AMC-1 narrow formations.

We lack quality wide players so instead of going out and buying them i have decided to utilise what we have.

My aim for the first season is to finish in the top - half of the Sky Bet Championship then win it next season.

I am gonna train fitness on a very high intensity for a couple of weeks then switch to Team Cohesion.

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